The upcoming Dungeons & Dragons massively-multiplayer online role-playing game, Neverwinter, features many different kinds of character classes with their own specialties. Today we'll look at the Guardian Fighter and how it bashes its shield into enemy faces.

As you can see from the trailer and screens below, the Guardian Fighter is no slouch in battle. According to a preview guide on TenTonHammer, this class can block just about everything you can throw at it, with the exception of damage-over-time attacks and area-of-effect spells with splash damage.

But holding the Shift button will cause the Guardian Fighter to go into a block, lifting up that massive shield and deflecting everything from normal blows, arrows, and directed spells. It doesn't merely mitigate damage and lessen blows; it straight up negates damage.

Yowza. It's no surprise that this class can take a mean hit, because Guardian Fighters have access to the heaviest armor and the biggest shields in the game.

So if you're looking to be a wall of flesh that stands between bad guys and your squishier teammates, consider becoming a Guardian Fighter!

Neverwinter will be out soon, but if you'd like to try to game early and find out how awesome this class is for yourself, sign up for the beta here.