Whenever you play a role-playing game, you're always going to have the three archetypal roles of tank, damage dealer, and a healer. Now, each class-type has its own merits, but some might argue that the healer is the most important because, you know -- they keep you from biting the dust. Let's take a look at the new trailer for Neverwinter's Devoted Cleric!

And really, who doesn't like a good bit of healing? These clerics help patch up your wounds and keep the fight going with their restorative skills. But aside from the occasional regeneration of health points, Devoted Clerics can also participate in combat by using such skills like Sun Burst, Lance of Faith, and Astral Seals.

A class that can heal and harm? That's a mighty tasty combination! These helpful healers can put on lightweight chainmail armor to protect them from the beasties in Neverwinter and carry holy icons to help fuel their celestial powers.

Check out the video below and let us know if you're going to be taking on the role of the Devoted Cleric in the game once it's released!