A new Neverwinter trailer has been posted, focusing on player mobility and the perks of having a mount.

Whether it's in real life or a video game, there's nothing quite like having a sweet ride and getting around very quickly. This newest trailer shows us the relationship between a player and his trusty steed as they gallop across the countryside, hang around by a campfire, and blaze all kinds of trails.

But then a voiceover reminds us that there's no point in being fast if you can't do it in style, which then leads to the introduction of the Armored Spider mounts! These mobile arachnids are big, armored to the fangs, and wickedly cool. And you can have your own if you purchase the Hero of the North Founder's Pack.

The whole trailer kind of plays out like a GameStop commercial that touts exclusive downloadable content for a game, but we've got to admit that the Armored Spider Mount is pretty cool.

Buying the Hero of the North pack will set you back $199, but you'll get guaranteed access to all of the beta weekends, five days of early access, a weekend beta key for a friend, access to the unique Menzoberranzan Renegade race/class, a panther companion, Gold Moonstone Mask Regalia Set, and everything found here.

Watch the trailer and check out the screens below, then let us know if you'll be signing up for your own sweet Armored Spider Mount!