The upcoming Dungeons & Dragons massively multiplayer online role-playing game, Neverwinter, is going to be released soon, so why not build up your excitement by watching some epic battles and some weird, devil-looking dude?

Forgive us if we don't know the correct terminology, but we're guessing the guy who looks like Hellboy's cousin is a Cambion? Whatever he is, he looks pretty cool, as does this CG cinematic trailer for Perfect World Entertainment's free-to-play MMO.

We see the iconic city of Neverwinter under siege by dark forces lead by Valindra, the Lich Queen. It's never a good day when the undead are at your doorstep, but the guardians of the city are hard at work, pushing them back and trying not to get eaten by skeletal dragons.

The story focuses on a young female rogue and her motivations for fighting the Lich Queen's forces. It's a sad tale that stems from childhood, but fuels her blade-slinging.

We've included all three parts of the CG trailer for you here. The first part was uploaded in April 2012 and now the final part is available for viewing. Check it out below and let us know if you're going to take up arms against Valindras and her forces.

If so, go to the site to sign up for the beta! No release date is set, but it's expected to come out in Q1 2013.