The creator of the famed wrestling game series, Fire Pro-Wrestling, has passed away.

According to legendary game designer Suda51, Fire Pro-Wrestling series creator Masato Masuda has passed away at the age of 48.

On TwitLonger, Suda51 said of his former mentor, "I genuinely pray for his happiness in the next world. He was one of the greatest creators of video games and he was my direct teacher. Thank you for giving us our favorite Fire Pro-wrestling. You are the god of it."

As a mentor to Suda51, Masuda impacted gaming in more ways than just creating a wrestling game series that debuted a revolutionary grappling system; he helped teach the man who would eventually come to start the development studio, Grasshopper Manufacture.

His legacy continues on in gaming, considering an Xbox Live Arcade version of Fire Pro Wrestling was released as recently as 2012. Our condolences to his family and friends.