The Atari Jaguar isn’t exactly the most well remembered console in gaming history, but there was one blockbuster title that everyone seemed to like: Tempest 2000. This strange psychedelic tube shooter is still one of the most well remembered games of the Jaguar’s short life.

Now, Llamasoft and legendary developer Jeff Minter is going to remake Tempest once again for a new generation, announcing the PlayStation Vita title, TxK. TxK will be a, “pure straightforward shooter,” according to Minter, bringing users back to classic Tempest gameplay. “I've often thought that one day I would like to revisit that game and do some kind of an updated version on modern hardware,” said Minter on his blog.

TxK has not been given an official release date or price at this point, but Minter says he will be updating his blog with important details about its development. We will bring you more information on TxK as it becomes available.