You know that game you haven't touched in awhile on your iPhone? Chances are it's been updated. Even games that have been out for a long time can get updates that will make them seem like new. There are plenty of great content updates that happen every week! Here are some awesome ones that you should know about.

Sonic Jump (version 1.2)

Don't look now, but Dr. Eggman has taken over Act 6 of this game! What does that mean? It means that there will be twice the amount of boss battles to fight through. Double the boss battles! Life as a blue hedgehog sure ain't easy. Plus there are also new objects that will appear throughout the game's levels, such as diagonal springs and swings. Not to mention improved graphics, new wallpapers, and level up rewards! Okay... guess it ain't all that bad for Sonic.

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Need for Speed Most Wanted (version 1.0.2)
By Electronic Arts

Need for Speed Most Wanted adds in some great content for you in this latest update. Want more cars and events? We thought so. Version 1.0.2 lets you add to your collection of cars with the Marussia B2 and the Pagani Zonda R - two awesome rides that will help you move up the Most Wanted list. In addition to the new content, they've also made some under-the-hood modifications that will make the same run even slicker that it already does. Better get it now though, because each vehicle is only available for one week!

Get the Need for Speed Most Wanted update today for iPhone and iPad!

Fruit Ninja (version 1.8.4)
By Halfbrick Studios

This update now lets you enjoy all the hack and slash action of Fruit Ninja on iPhone 5! In addition to that, there's lots of new content, such as new blades. What's this? A new Cloud Kicker and Sakura Slicer for me? Gee Fruit Ninja, you really shouldn't have. There's also extra backgrounds and fresh challenges to take on that will help you unlock some new Fruity swag. There's also new stuff to purchase in the Dojo.

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ORC: Vengeance (version 1.2)
By Chillingo Ltd

ORC: Vengeance also adds in iPhone 5 support with this new update, as well as a number of improvements for the game. There's a new virtual joystick control option that will give you another choice in how you want to control Rok. There's new difficulty settings, new hidden sub-levels that contain access to new monsters and weapons. In addition to the noticeable changes, there's also some bug scrubbing and overall polishing up. Just look at that shiny new icon! We love it when developers refresh icons.

Get the ORC: Vengeance update today for iPhone and iPad!