Mode 7, the developers behind the critically acclaimed strategy game Frozen Synapse, have announced that they are working on a brand new game. The game is called Frozen Endzone, and yes, it is essentially a tactical strategy/football game hybrid.

Frozen Endzone brings us back to the early days of the NES when simply simulating a sports experience wasn’t enough. Instead, there were robots and superpowers everywhere and you were just as likely to throw a pass using an arm cannon as you were to tackle the opposition using a battering ram. That’s exactly what Mode 7 is going for in Frozen Endzone.

Calling it a the, “premiere tactical future sports game,” Frozen Endzone puts you in control of a team of football playing robots in the middle of a futuristic football field complete with obstacles and traps. You will play the role of the coach, mapping out the plays each turn, and sending your robots into the fray. Of course, the opponent’s robots will be doing their best to block your advance. The whole game progresses in a turnbased style, each play unwinding as a single action. Even though there’s a ball being passed around, it feels far more like a tactical strategy game.

A few details about the game have popped up on Eurogamer. The game will feature both single and multiplayer mode for online and offline play. It will also include randomly generated scenarios, skirmish and season modes, several different teams and stadiums to choose from, and a soundtrack made out of futuristic electronica tunes. We can only hope that this is how football will really be played in the future.

Mode 7 plans to launch the game in 2014 with a beta “almost certainly” available this year. The game is currently up for vote on Steam Greenlight, so if you want to see a Steam version made, hop on over and give it your support.