The beloved turn-based strategy game Frozen Synapse is scheduled to reach iPad users in May, and an Android version is also being planned. Mode 7 Joint Managing Director Paul Taylor also told Joystiq that cross-play among the desktop, iOS, and Android versions will also come to fruition.

"It has been a challenge condensing such a complex interface into a form that makes it viable on tablets," said Taylor. "However, the major attractions for many people - like zooming around the map with pinch-to-zoom and dragging waypoints around with a fingertip - are all present and correct."

Taylor also added that there have not been confirmed prices for the new versions, "but we're looking to make this competitive."

The following video features the final beta for Frozen Synapse, as Taylor shows the game's functionality on the iPad.

If you've already purchased Frozen Synapse on PC or Mac, will you try it out on the iPad?