Within the first 24 hours from the launch of Dong Nguyen's newest game, Swing Copters, over 25 blatant ripoffs of the Flappy Bird follow-up have appeared on the digital market.

Kotaku reports that 25 Swing Copters clones have appeared on the App Store within the first day of the game's official launch. Flappy Bird was met with a staggering number of ripoffs, mainly because it has been unavailable for download. Flappy Bird was mysteriously pulled by creator Dong Nguyen from the market, leaving a hole where the widely popular app was left. Many developers created copycat games with similar titles to try and profit off of Flappy Bird's absence from the market. Now, Swing Copters is experiencing the same effects. Kotaku mentions that one of the developers of these Swing Copters clones was called "Cloner Studio."

Shortly after Flappy Bird was pulled from the mobile market, over 60 clones of the game were appearing online every single day. Not that this justifies blatantly stealing another person's work, but Piou Piou, a game that looks awfully familiar to Flappy Bird, was released in 2011, two years before Nguyen's overnight success, which started in December 2013.

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