After a six month hiatus, .Gears Studio has officially brought Flappy Bird back, and it's a little different this time around.

Polygon reports that Dong Nguyen, the lone member of .Gears Studio, has brought Flappy Bird back to the world in the form of Flappy Birds Family, which was released recently on the Amazon Appstore for Android. Nguyen originally pulled Flappy Bird from the mobile markets this past February, despite tremendous success and making $50,000+ in ad revenue a day, because he claimed that he wanted his privacy back and couldn't handle the stresses of the game's popularity. Mind you, he was still living with his parents in a poorer area of Hanoi throughout the time of its success. Many speculate it was pulled due to legal troubles based upon Flappy Bird's influence from the 8-bit Super Mario titles. During Flappy Bird's absence, over 60 clones of the game would spawn on the market each day, taking advantage of the original game's disappearance.

.Gears has released Flappy Birds Family for the Amazon Appstore, but it has yet to be released on Google Play or Apple's App Store. The game works with Amazon's Fire TV set-top box, offering two-player competitive gameplay and new obstacles to avoid, such as ghosts.

"Flappy Birds now are on Amazon Fire TV with incredible new features: Person vs Person mode, more obstacles, more fun and still very hard," the game's description reads. "Enjoy playing the game at home (not breaking your TV) with your family and friends."

flappy birds family
.Gears Studios

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