Being hopelessly addicted to games can wreck your life enough, but wait until you see how bad things get when they start to crossover into the real world.

Thanks to Kotaku, we have found out about this amazing film from YouTube user PixelStormFilms. Filmed by Joe Murayama and Dennis Subachev, this video features Murayama leaving his work at the computer to make some coffee. While he's gone, his Steam client starts glitching, and cracks start developing in both of his computer monitors. Eventually, game characters from all sorts of franchises start emerging from his computer screens, causing chaos throughout Joe's room. Watch as a Piranha Plant from Super Mario Bros. tears apart a Creeper from Minecraft. We even get some of the random soldiers from Metal Slug marching out of the computer. Our favorite part would have to be when Joe's cellphone lights up and dozens of Flappy Birds start pouring out, all inadequately flying. They are immediately followed by an Angry Bird catapulting itself from inside Joe's tablet.

What causes the most destruction in this video? It would probably be the bob-omb blowing up in the computer owner's face, but we must admit the Spiny Shell from the Mario Kart series would likely take second place.

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