If you're starting to show any of the following symptoms, then you might want to put the controller down and go for a stroll around the block or call up some friends. Remember, some of your best friends don't need a power cord. Here are some clear signs you're playing far too many video games.
You're playing too many video games if...

...you've lost all the pigment in your skin.

...you're running out of places to store your games.

...you've laser etched crosshairs into your sunglasses so they look more like a space marine HUD.

...you've contemplated rewiring your car so you can drive it using a controller.

...you can't stop talking about video games even if your friends start shoving things in their ears.

...you can’t stop thinking about the best possible sniper positions, even when you’re in the bathroom.

...you're convinced collectors edition controllers have less lag time. You damn fool.

...you've dumped your significant other because they said "Get off the Playstation" when you actually own an Xbox.

...you've start wondering why the real world doesn't have gravity defying jiggle physics.

...you introduce yourself as "It's-ah me! (Insert Name Here)".

...you try using the Konami Code on vending machines. It might work inside a video game, but sadly, real vending machines don't have a start button.

...you refuse to go camping because you hate campers.

...you're constantly looking for a surface to shoot a portal in every building you lay foot in.

...you love Lara Croft. Too much.

What are some other signs you play too many video games? Let us know in the comments below!

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