Just when you thought there weren't enough Flappy Bird clones out there, Epic Games raised the bar using its Unreal Engine 4.

Despite a plethora of Flappy Bird clones filled throughout the online marketplace, the studio known for the Gears of War trilogy have made its own take on the game using Unreal Engine 4, Polygon reports. Tappy Chicken was created by a single artist from Epic Games but used the studio's massively powerful Unreal Engine 4 in order to create it.

Epic Games has released Tappy Chicken in order to showoff just how flexible Unreal Engine 4 can be, indicating that it can also make simple (but beautiful) mobile games on top of its ability to craft elaborate, intricate PC titles. Also, the existing game can be modded by users using Unreal 4's Blueprint visual scripting, encouraging newer, altered versions of it to hit the market. Despite how gorgeous it is, it is still one out of the thousands of Flappy Bird-inspired clones that have flooded the market since the original game's success.

Anyone who would like to download Tappy Chicken can visit the App Store or Google Play. Whether or not it'll be able to match the insane income of the original that inspired it, but at least when Flappy Bird comes back, it'll have a few new features to fend off the legions of clones.

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