Epic Games

E3 2016: Paragon Preview
Epic’s creed for Paragon is one of constant evolution, of continuous updating of both the game and its ecosystem, and so far the project seems to be off and running.
Multiple Gears of War Titles Coming, But No Xbox One Anthology
Black Tusk's studio manager has stepped forward to say that the rumored Gears of War: Marcus Fenix Collection or any other kind of COG-filled Xbox One anthology isn't happening, but he did hint towards something a lot more interesting.
Black Tusk's studio manager, Rod Ferguson, has revealed on Twitte…
Fortnite Gameplay: Defending The Fort
After a bit of a hiatus from the public eye (leading to many of us forgetting it even existed), a new gameplay trailer for Epic Games' Fortnite has hit the Internet and we're happy to be reminded of its existence, because it's looking really cool.

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