Cue that instrumental of Gary Jules' 'Mad World,' because watching this cancelled Gears of War game is depressing.

When we say watching this aborted Gears of War game is depressing, we're not lamenting on its cancellation -- we legitimately feel bad that someone thought this was a good idea. At first glance, we Tactics looks like an iOS or Android title. It's hard to think that Epic Games was responsible for this generic RTS game that happens to feature COGs and the Locust. Nevertheless, we thank VGLeaks for posting its original gameplay.

Gears of War: Tactics was originally meant to use the Xbox 360's Kinect in order to order the COGs on-screen, but making an RTS game oriented around camera controls was a horrible idea. When we first heard the talking at the beginning of the gameplay, we legitimately thought it was just the annoying voice of someone playing the game, but then we realized it actually was Tactics' in-game dialogue.

We hate to say this, but thank goodness this Gears of War game was Carmined.

Killing a Gears of War game in the alpha stage of development is a pretty shocking death. 

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