The beloved hack and slash franchise for mobiles has made it to the big leagues. Will this version of Infinity Blade get a western release?

On Thanksgiving Day, the Chinese company Tencent (the fifth largest Internet company in the world after Google, Amazon, Alibaba and eBay) revealed a Kinect-based version of Infinity Blade for the Xbox One, Kotaku reports. Since a number of touch and swipe-based mobile games have made it over to the Xbox 360's Kinect library, it should be no surprise that one of the biggest game franchises for smartphones is getting the royal treatment. Unfortunately, it is still unclear whether or not this version of Infinity Blade will launch in the West. Tencent owns Riot Games and holds a lot of shares in Epic Games, which were the publisher and developer behind the Infinity Blade series.

This current-gen Infinity Blade debuted at the Tencent Games Carnival and is said to contain all three iOS titles of the franchise as well as its expansions. The game's name translates in English to "Infinity Blade Destiny/Fate."

The Xbox One in China is selling predominantly better than it is in Japan, but its library and features are severely limited when compared to what is available for the system in the West. To put things into perspective, there are no video-streaming services on the system allowed due to government regulations, and much of its game library is unavailable.

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