After his strange disappearance and the mysterious removal of Flappy Bird off of the mobile market, Doug Nguyen is going to release his newest physics game, Swing Copters.

Sure, Flappy Bird got a lot more popular than it should have -- there are plenty of better physics games on the iOS/Android format that look and play better, but we can't deny its widespread popularity. Twenty-nine year-old Doug Nguyen, earning $50,000 a day based on Flappy Bird's success, became an overnight sensation, with press and media crowding around his home (his parent's apartment) in Vietnam on a daily basis. The game was pulled from the digital market in February, and Touch Arcade has announced that he is making his return with Swing Copters.

As you can tell, Swing Copters is another simple, single-tap physics game that plays like a vertical version of Flappy Bird. Your character veers upward at a diagonal angle towards the left or the right of the screen and you must tap the screen to get him to change directions, avoiding obstacles as you go. If you play the game holding your phone sideways, it plays a bit too similar to Flappy Bird. Due to its shaky controls, Swing Copters is impossible to master, but addicting to play, which is what we now expect from Nguyen's GEARS Studios.

Phones will be breaking when Swing Copters launches on mobile markets as a free download on Aug. 21. If you spend the $0.99 to buy it, you get to play the game without any ads.

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