Are you burdened with too much money and peace of mind? Well, get your quarters ready and your vocal chords warmed up for all the enraged screaming you're going to do, because there's a Flappy Bird arcade machine coming!

That's right, an arcade machine based on the often-maligned, often-imitated, evil little game which took mobile devices by storm last year is coming to the big screen. It would seem that Bay Tek Games saw what a hit Flappy Bird was, thanks in no small part to its sadistic and simplistic gameplay, and decided to assemble an arcade machine based on it, complete with a single, giant red button to make Flappy Bird flap.

It's an odd choice, bringing this divisive title to arcades, especially given the waning popularity of traditional arcade machines, but perhaps Bay Tek Games is counting on earning sales from the sizeable number of hipsters and ironic gamers willing to plunk down hundreds of dollars for a rage-inducing hate machine. To its credit, while Bay Tek Games describes Flappy Bird as recognizable, and refers to the over fifty million downloads of the game, at no point does the company refer to it as fun, so at least it's being honest.

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