The Entertainment Software Association is kicking off a new public education initiative to better inform consumers and parents about the video game ratings system.

As gamers, we're aware of the ESRB and the ratings it awards to games like God of War: Ascension and Kinect Sesame Street. Not every single customer out in the world is as knowledgeable though, and the ESA is looking to rectify that with its new public awareness campaign.

“This campaign will connect with consumers in an immediate and sustained way in addition to the traditional mechanisms over TV outlets. By channeling our industry’s compelling and innovative medium, we will instantly provide proven, practical, and effective information to millions of consumers,” said Michael D. Gallagher, president and CEO of the ESA.

There will be a program of new PSAs aimed at a variety of topics, including the ESRB ratings and gaming platforms, which will be aired on the web, at retailers, and hopefully on broadcast television. “Our industry has a long-standing, high-quality track record of empowering parents,” Gallagher added. “The Federal Trade Commission described the ESRB as having the strongest self-regulatory code with regard to its marketing guidelines and enforcement system. Today we will build on that success.”

You can read more about the ESA's plans on their official site, where you can also learn more about the ESRB.