Eden Games, the studio behind Alone in the Dark and Test Drive Unlimited, has unfortunately closed its studio today. The news was confirmed by Eurogamer, putting an end to a tiny but decently well-known developer that made a couple hits and some big misses.

Atari, owner of Eden games, announced that the studio was, “in the process of being disposed of,” about one year ago. While the studio did not give word of its official closing till recently, all operations for the studio had be stopped since then. However, the beginning of the end started before that. The Majority of Eden Games’ staff was apparently laid off in 2011, which caused the rest of the studio to go on strike. Some of these laid off employees have come together to create a new studio, Blossom Minds.

Eden Games opened in 1998, meaning this closes the book on over fifteen years of development. You may not have been one of the biggies Eden Games, but you will still be missed.