JokiGames will be releasing their very first game for iOS devices called Dude! My Fingers, later this year. It looks like a platform game, but with a unique touch twist.

JokiGames is based out of Madrid, and are attempting to make some waves with their first iPhone game. What is Dude! My Fingers about? Here's some info from their official press release:

This is a game that takes the classic gameplay of a traditional platforms to a touch screen, adapting to new players who increasingly demand more such experiences.

In the game we have to use the index and middle fingers to overcome various trials and challenges along the many levels the game will have.

The player can enjoy four spectacular worlds, each one with its own atmosphere and its own songs, which form part of the original soundtrack for the game. Also, once it's released, the soundtrack can be downloaded for free from our website.

Ok, so we really haven't learned a lot about the game. maybe the teaser trailer can shed some light on the title.

Alright, that didn't help. Maybe these character screenshots can shed some light as to what gamers can expect.

Ok, these screenshots didn't tell us much either. We'll just have to wait until more information is released. We'll keep you posted on Dude! My Fingers.