Iron Galaxy, the team behind Divekick, recently hosted their second e-Sports Hour, where they unveiled the newest Divekick character: Jefailey.

Jefailey is a notable runner and winner of tournaments who suffers a bit from a big-head … literally. As Jefailey takes rounds off of his opponent, his head grows bigger, causing his headshot area and weight to increase. This causes him to jump and kick a little lower each time his head grows. To offset this glaring weakness, Jefailey can charge his kicks by holding down the kick button. Holding a charge for longer allows his kicks to go quick across the screen in a horizontal fashion.

Jefailey’s air-technique causes him to disqualify his opponent from the match. He takes out a megaphone, shouts “DISQUALIFIED!” and if his shout hits the opponent they lose all of the kickmeter that they built over the match. His ground technique is the “Timer Scam” which causes him to taunt the opponent for a good two seconds, freezing the action in the process. Not only can Jefailey charge his kicks during Timer Scam, but he can also run the game clock out if he is close to winning a time-out victory.

The Divekick e-Sports hour airs every Monday night at 9PM CST. Tune in for even more reveals from the Iron Galaxy team.

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