Last week we took note of when Disney Mobile updated their Tumblr with a message about Buzz Lightyear. It definitely looked as though a new Toy Story game was on the way. Well Disney wasn't yanking our chains, because Toy Story: Smash It! is available now in the App Store!

Disney is hoping that they will have another No. 1 hit on their hands, to go along with the success of collaborations like Where’s My Perry? and Temple Run: Brave. With the strength of the Toy Story brand behind it, we think they might have another one on their hands with this title.

The game is a physics-based puzzler that stars, in addition to Buzz, many other characters from the Toy Story franchise, including Woody, Rex, Hamm, and Jessie. It will join the other Toy Story franchise games that include Toy Story Showtime! and Toy Story 3: Operation Camouflage.

But will Toy Story: Smash It! be a good game? The title features 60 levels spread out over four episodes, with a fight looming against the Zurg. While Buzz is the main character, you can expect interactions with the other stars as well. And Toy Story: Smash It! will only set you back a buck. Look for our review soon.