Disney Interactive posted an update to their Tumblr page today that is good news for fans of Toy Story and video games. It looks like a new Toy Story game will be headed to mobile phones everywhere!

In the contents of the post, Buzz Lightyear has a message for Star Command. And that message clearly indicates that Disney has a new mobile game in the works featuring the likes of Toy Story's #1 space adventurer.

Buzz's message: There's a new mobile game launching soon. In addition to this cryptic message, Disney has included a screenshot (shown above), that is most likely from the new game.

Our best guess, just from looking at the image, is that the game might be some sort of Angry Birds physics puzzler from a 3rd person perspective. Buzz is clearly lining up a shot to try and take down that Rube Goldbergian contraption that's in front of him.

If it is indeed a new Toy Story game that will soon be hitting mobile gaming stores, it will join a few other games based on the Toy Story franchise that are already out there, including Toy Story Showtime! and Toy Story 3: Operation Camouflage.

We will keep you updated with more info as it becomes available.