Sorry meatbags, but Disney has declared that Knights of the Old Republic and the rest of BioWare's awesome lore is no longer considered canon to Star Wars.

Disney made waves after purchasing the Star Wars franchise by declaring all extended universe media no longer part of the official canon, effectively pressing the reset button on the entire Star Wars lore outside of the six core movies (it's OK, we simply try to act like the prequel trilogy simply never happened). One intrepid fan wanted some clarification on at least one part of that extended lore at Star Wars Celebration last weekend, but his journey for answers led to a most disappoint revelation: BioWare's awesome Star Wars video games are not considered canon any longer.

The enlightenment took place at the "One Big Story" panel focusing on the Star Wars universe, where one attendee asked the panel a simple question: "Are the Old Republic expansions canon?"

Creative executive Pablo Hidalgo fielded the question with a response that made every KOTOR fan's hear sink into his or her chest: "No. BioWare has created their own universe that is so fantastic, we're not going to change it."

There it is, in plain words. Darth Revan, HK-47, and the rest of the Old Republic saga is no longer part of the official Star Wars storyline. As disappointing as that sounds, a later question in the panel leads us to believe that we may be seeing these characters again at some point.

Another panelist asked the group when the Old Republic timeline will be explored, if at all. LucasFilm rep Leland Chee answered with a vague "it's not off the table," leaving the door open for a return to the Old Republic. It'd be a damn shame if all of those fantastic gaming moments and great adventures were just thrown aside in the name of cleaning house, and any indication of that lore being re-explored is cool with us meatbags. Let's hope they don't take their time with it.

While The Old Republic is a great MMORPG in its own right, we're still dying to see Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 3. 

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