As The Force Awakens has finally arrived, we'd like to look back at the Star Wars series' dark history when it comes to its video games. Ever since the days of Atari and the science fiction revolution A New Hope brought to theaters in 1977, Star Wars has always been a pivotal part of the video game industry. As with most movie-based franchises and licensed titles, Star Wars games have always been a dime a dozen. It has always felt like the Dark Side outweighed the Light Side when it comes to Star Wars games, and we've brought together the worst of the worst. We know that there are plenty of other bad Star Wars games than this, but we had to include the ones with the highest Midi-chlorian counts when it comes to getting things wrong. Some of you may have enjoyed these games in your younger years and might have something good to say about them, to which we suggest you try them now and see how your standards have changed as a gamer.

It doesn't matter if you're circling around AT-ATs on Hoth in a Snowspeeder, fighting Vader in the Cloud City of Vespin, shooting down TIE Fighters in the Millennium Falcon or blasting Stormtroopers as Han Solo, we all enjoy proper video game renditions of the Star Wars series. The video game industry hasn't been kind to Star Wars over the years, but we hope that starts to change now that there is a resurgence in the Force. Make sure you angle the deflector shield while we make the calculations for the jump to light speed, because we're flying into an asteroid field of crap with the 10 Worst Star Wars Games.

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