We never thought we would ever get to actually say it, but Star Wars: Episode 7 is coming! For decades, games have been the closest we have ever gotten to being a Jedi, a Sith, flying the Falcon or being a scruffy-looking nerf herder. With the 10 Best Star Wars Games, we have provided a list of rides that have made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs. These titles have built upon our inner love for the franchise and have always reminded us why we love the original trilogy and hope to see what happens to Luke and the gang down the line. So who shot first? It doesn't matter with this impressive collection of the 10 Best Star Wars Games!

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    Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga


    Starting off our list of the 10 Best Star Wars Games, Lego Star Wars helped bring Lego-based titles to the spotlight as we saw most of our favorite, iconic moments of the franchise replicated in brick format. The Complete Saga took the two previously separate Lego titles and combined them into an experience that panned both Anakin and Luke's most integral moments. Toss in the chaotic, silly charm of the Lego format (e.g. C-3PO exploding into a mess of Lego blocks), and we were hooked. Playing as secret character Indiana Jones during Empire Strikes Back takes us to a golden moment of exploding fandom before realizing Lucas ruined both of his best franchises all within a few years of each other.

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    Star Wars: The Force Unleashed


    The Force Unleashed acts as the proper bridge between Episodes 3-4. You play as Vader's secret apprentice, a boy Vader found who has an immense natural talent for the Force. Vader assigns you to route out leftover Jedi from Order 66, and at the same time, rally up a secret alliance against the Emperor. We find out that the innately-evil Starkiller was actually the founder of the Rebel Alliance! With tons of awesome treachery, deception and revenge going around (you were really meant to assassinate Palpatine), The Force Unleashed was actually very fun. It took the concept of the Force and injected it with steroids as Starkiller was able to throw TIE fighters at AT-ATs and even pull a Star Destroyer out of the sky and crash it to the ground. The greatest part? Playing as Vader invading Kashyyyk and killing hundreds of wookies left and right.

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    Star Wars: Republic Commando


    Taking just enough inspiration from both the Metroid Prime and Halo series, Republic Commando puts you in the boots of an elite clone trooper in a squad consisting of the best of the best. Commando's single player campaign followed Delta Squad's most dangerous operations behind the scenes during Episode 2. Fans loved Republic Commando so much that the team made a cameo appearance on Clone Wars' animated series. If only there was a sequel to Republic Commando where they had to carry out Order 66.

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    Star Wars: The Old Republic


    We loved The Old Republic so much that it won a spot on our list of the 10 Best MMORPGs Ever. The Old Republic satiated a lot of our desires for exploring both Lucas' extended universe, and finding out what really happens after Knights of the Old Republic. SWTOR has a very solid and action-oriented combat system that never seemed to get boring despite how many, "kill X creatures and report" quests there were in the game. Its character stories were in-depth and quite engaging. Shame it was so repetitive that it made us forget about its amazing narrative and voice-work.

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    Super Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back


    Has it really been 20 years? There are so many distinct memories we can associate to the entire Super Star Wars series, but Empire takes the cake. You were able to switch between your blaster and lightsaber on the fly and had to stay on your toes. Whether playing as Han, Chewie or Luke, Super Empire Strikes Back was one of the most intense run and gun experiences ever made and is the definitive 16-bit Star Wars title.

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    Star Wars Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast


    In the midst of our 10 Best Star Wars Games list, we have the story of a man who tightrope-walked the fine line between Sith and Jedi, Kyle Katarn. A former Imperial officer, Kyle learns the ways of the Force but turns away from it after nearly turning to the dark side while exploring the ruins of Dromond Kaas (the capital of the Sith empire in The Old Republic). In Jedi Outcast, Kyle learns to re-embrace the Force under tutelage of Luke as he confronts dark Jedi and remnants of the Imperial army. Since he is relearning the Force, Jedi Knight 2 combines both FPS gunplay and third person lightsaber/Force attacks, offering a multitude of options for Kyle to dispatch Stormtroopers with.

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    Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader


    The first Rogue Squadron showed how Star Wars-based aerial dog-fights should be done. Its sequel, Rogue Leader, shows how Star Wars spaceship combat should be perfected. With Denis Lawson himself returning to voice the only Rebel pilot to survive both Death Star attacks, Rogue Leader expanded on the friendships between Luke, Wedge and the rest of the team as they would take out key Imperial targets. Arguably the greatest title out of the Nintendo GameCube library, Rogue Squadron 2 lets you pick from a variety of Rebel and Imperial ships to use as you take your rebellions to the sky, with each ship offering something different than the rest (those Y-Wing bomber missions). Rogue Squadron 3 may not have live up to the hype, but here's to hoping for a fourth Rogue Squadron title after Episode 7!

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    Star Wars: TIE Fighter


    Easily one of the greatest titles in the history of PC gaming, TIE Fighter cemented Star Wars' prominence in the gaming industry. As the Super Star Wars series was a master of the run and gun, TIE Fighter was a master of space combat. TIE was a sequel to the previously released X-Wing title, but fixed every small complaint, and expanded its mechanics to revolve around an Imperial perspective. Players had to ensure peace by eliminating rebel threats and protecting delicate, Imperial cargo ships. In 1994, space combat reached its pinnacle, and no other star-shooter has ever come close to toppling TIE Fighter since then.

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    Star Wars: Battlefront 2


    Battlefront 2 captured the essence of the massive battles that took place between the Trade Federation and Republic of Episodes 1-3 and the rebellion against the Empire in Episodes 4-6. Battlefront 2 allowed players to choose between infantry, heavy weapon, sniper and engineer. After certain parameters were met, players were able to switch to the more iconic characters of the story, who each had a distinct advantage on the battlefield when compared to your regular foot-soldiers. With an array of Star Wars vehicles to use, the skirmishes of Battlefront 2 never got boring. Done playing as a Clonetrooper in a tank? Get out, shoot down some droids, hop into a star-fighter and keep going!

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    Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic


    Knights of the Old Republic has won so many awards that we should have simply put a YouTube clip of A New Hope's ending just to summarize the world's opinion of it. KOTOR took inspirations from both JRPGs and Wizard of the Coast's tabletop Star Wars RPG. Its combat system was both welcoming to newcomers and casual players, and deeply intricate for those seeking to perfect their characters. Its dialogue and party system have been so successful, that it makes logical sense that Bioware kept it for their Mass Effect and Dragon Age franchises. A perfect story combined with stellar characters, voice acting, RPG mechanics, dialogue, voice actors, visuals and a thorough expansion onto the Star Wars lore helped skyrocket KOTOR to greatness. Darth Revan will live forever on his throne atop the 10 Best Star Wars Games.

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