For some, the only good part of the Star Wars prequel trilogy was the introduction of Darth Maul. A truly fearsome looking Sith, Maul had a sick dual lightsaber and a scowl made all the more imposing by his skin pigmentation. Despite only appearing in The Phantom Menace, the character achieved tremendous popularity, in part due to how under-utilized he was in the only film he ever appeared in. While not quite attaining Boba Fett levels of fandom, Darth Maul was the character from the prequel everyone wanted to be. Like Boba Fett, Maul, too, was resurrected posthumously in order to better serve the fandom in the expanded universe.

If you'd been watching The Clone Wars animated series, you'd know that Darth Maul was brought back during this trying time during the prequel timeline. Along with a branded bunch of Mandalorian warriors and his brother, Savage Opress, Maul returned late in the series to wreak more havoc on the Jedi forces and the Clone Army they commanded. Now the most feared foe returns once more in Disney Infinity 3.0's base game, "Twilight of the Republic."

The fun doesn't stop there for our Jedi heroes, though. Other villainous forces like the Hutts and Cad Bane are also around to throw monkeys in the wrench for Anakin Skywalker and Ashoka Tano, the two out-of-the-box playable characters for Disney Infinity 3.0's starter kit. That's okay. Since this installment of the anticipated action figure game is being developed by Ninja Theory, the Jedi will have plenty of new moves at their disposal to make short work of the Sith menace. Hopefully. If not, you can always just drop the Darth Maul figure in there (when he releases in November) to even up the odds a bit.

Disney Infinity 3.0 will be available beginning Aug. 30 on a variety of platforms.

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