While at first Lego Dimensions appeared to be yet another NFC figure game built to cash in on the success of Activision's Skylanders series, in the months since it's been revealed to be a game built to cash in on Skylanders' success with some interesting improvements to the formula. With the concept of having to actually build all the figures and vehicles, Lego Dimensions offers enough difference from its competitors at the onset to make it appealing.

Factor in the inclusion of just about every license under Lego's belt, and you've got a game that lets you team Scooby-Doo and Batman with Doctor Who, while they try to stop an invasion into Springfield. After months of lead-up, the arrival of the ultimate fan fiction mash-up game is almost here.

The latest, and seemingly last, trailer is light on actual gameplay but heavy on the cameos. There are going to be a lot of worlds and characters to visit, and just about every one is here for this launch trailer. Sure, Gandalf, Wildstyle and Batman (the stars of the core game) are ever present, but there's also Doctor Who and The Simpsons, as well as Scooby-Doo and Marty McFly to keep players on their toes.

Nearly all of those characters will come with an added cost to the core game, but that's something NFC game players are used to at this point. Lego fans also know that if you ever want to get a complete set of every character from a given license, you've got to track down a handful of different sets to get the job done. It's a sneaky tactic, but one that will almost always work on completionists.

Lego Dimensions will be available on just about every platform ever created on Sept. 27, with add-ons planned to arrive all the way into 2016. Budget accordingly if you want to get the whole set. It's going to be a pricey one.

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