The Disney Infinity series has been high on everyone's holiday list, and it's going to get even bigger with Mulan, Tron, Frozen and likely Star Wars. 

Nintendo isn't the only one popping out little plastic figures to support its video games. Disney and Avalanche Software's third iteration of its Disney Infinity series may be closer to release than we originally thought. While Disney Infinity 3.0 hasn't been officially announced yet, there is definitely speculation that the video game would make its appearance at some point. Polygon reports that there has been a leak through the overseas retail website Taobao (provided below) and more than just the possibility of a second expansion has been announced — now there are some new, upcoming characters we can look forward to as well. There's a good chance that Disney Infinity 3.0, players will be able to collect and play classic Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Mulan, Olaf from Frozen, Sam Flynn and Quorra from Tron and five other characters that will be making their debut in Pixar's upcoming film Inside Out.

You can potentially look forward to a slew of characters from Star Wars as multiple sources are saying that by the time The Force Awakens launches this Christmas, there will be plenty of plastic figurines to accompany it. Plus, it would stay on track with the games releasing with a theme since Disney Infinity 2.0 released with a whole cast of Marvel Comics figures. The one sour note from the leak was that these figures won't work with the previous versions of the games. It looks like everyone will have to update.

We're still waiting to hear more about Disney Infinity 3.0. Most importantly, we can't wait to hear about a release window, but Disney and Avalanche Software have been keeping their lips sealed tight on the matter and even made the original poster of the content, Infinity Inquirer, remove the leaked info.


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