Disney is stepping up its game by adding some sweet 'Tron' characters to Disney Infinity 2.0, but they will only be released through mobile and PC versions of the game.

According to Kotaku, 'Tron: Legacy' protagonists Sam Flynn and Quorra will be joining the roster of Disney Infinity. These figures will not be like the others, however. Instead of having physical copies, they will only be available as digital downloads for mobile devices and PC. If you were hoping to get these characters to use with any of the physical 'Tron' powerdiscs for the game on a console, you're going to be out of luck.

To explain, John Vignocchi, vice president of production for Disney Infinity stated, "The iOS version of Disney Infinity has always attracted our largest audience, so we wanted to do something special to celebrate its launch. I can't think of a more appropriate digital exclusive than Sam Flynn and Quorra from 'Tron'."

While this is unfortunate news for those of you diehard console fans out there, it's good news for the iOS users as the two characters will be coming out today and will be released sometime in March for PC. Fingers crossed they do make it to the console versions at some point.

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