You didn't think there would only be Marvel Super Heroes holding down the Disney Infinity fort this holiday season, did you? Last week saw the release of eight additional characters, all from famous Disney films and franchises. While they aren't compatible with any of the Marvel Comics play sets currently available, there's still plenty to do with these familiar faces. We put each of the figures through some rigorous testing (okay, we played more Disney Infinity) to find out which Disney Originals reign supreme.

Though it's the newest franchise to join to Disney family, 'Big Hero 6' accounts for 25 percent of the new Disney Originals that've been released. Both Baymax and Hiro have some of the best aesthetic appeal, largely due to the phenomenal character designs in the recently released film. The armor looks cool in physical form, and for what it's worth, we believe these are the best looking Big Hero 6 figures at this price point. In-game, Baymax is like a giant Iron Man, minus the flight. His rocket punch is a good way to take out enemies from a distance, but he doesn't bring a whole lot to the table you haven't seen before. Hiro, on the other hand, is a blast to use. What he lacks in Disney history, he more than makes up with animations and attacks that are among the best in all of Disney Infinity.

Two of Disney's most famous and requested characters finally make an appearance as well. Tinkerbell is the only figure in the bunch that brings flight as an option, and while she's cute and all, she also packs and explosive punch. Her magic spell attacks are fairly impressive and they deal plenty of damage. The same however can't be said for Donald Duck. Yes, it's great to see Donald in Disney Infinity. He's just not that interesting in the actual game. It's not his fault he's had to follow up the tough acts of more useful characters like Iron Man, Spider-Man or Hiro, but those are the facts. From a pure gameplay standpoint, having a character that throws pots and lamps and makes funny noises just can't compare to lasers and lightning.

Aladdin and Stitch, two other animated fan-favorites, are another pair of rather disappointing entrants. Before you break out the pitchforks, just hear us out. The two both have decent ranged attacks, though Stitch's blaster can be used from farther distances than Aladdin's boomeranging sword. The two both have some solid animations and voice over work. Unfortunately, both Aladdin and Stitch are just too average, even compared to the rest of the Disney Originals. Hiro, Tink, and Maleficent all bring much more fun and action to the Toy Box. That said, Aladdin and Stitch do have two of the best sculpts in the set. Aladdin's devilish grin perfectly captures the essence of the character, and Stitch's wide-mouthed, monster-imitating pose brings out the best in the alien.

Maleficent and Merida round out the offerings, and both are welcome additions. Now there are a dozen different female characters available for Disney Infinity, with Jasmine yet to come in 2015. Merida's got a solid ranged attack with her bow, and she can bring the pain up close and personal with her sword skills, but Maleficent is a real show stopper. While the figure and in-game character are based on the recent Angelina Jolie-starring film, and not the classic green-skinned version from 'Sleeping Beauty', Maleficent is quite possibly the most impressive character in the whole game. Her magic spells are powerful, well-animated, and leveling her up brings out a host of new amazing abilities that you've gotta see in motion. She's also got one of the most well-designed sculpts, though Merida's hair certainly makes her a stand-out, too.

We got all the stand-alone versions of these figures, but you can grab Merida and Stitch as part of the Toy Box Starter Pack. For those of you who didn't already invest in the Marvel Super Heroes Starter Pack, the Toy Box Starter Pack includes a portal platform, the Disney Infinity 2.0 disc, Merida, Stitch, as well as two Toy Box games, Stitch Tropical Rescue and Brave Forest Siege. All of this stuff is completely compatible with the Marvel sets and characters if you're getting everything on an individual basis. The only aspect we weren't able to fool around with were the two Toy Box games, as those Power Discs are only available in the Starter Pack.

That you still can't really use any of these characters in the currently available Play Sets is a bit of a disappointment, but the Toy Box does offer a wealth of ways to enjoy using each of these Disney Originals, either alone or with friends. Some characters will bring more to the table than others, but if you're a fan of characters like Aladdin or Donald Duck, you're probably not going to turn your back on them now. Besides, they all look great on a shelf right next to the rest of your collection.

Disney Infinity 2.0 Disney Original figures can be found at retail for ~$14. The figures were provided by Disney for review.