Can Red Bull cram any more words into the title of this game? Breakdance Champion Red Bull BC One is a title that snakes around back on itself, hammering home just what you're going to get with this game. Also, it probably helps to be drinking a Red Bull in order to say the whole thing all at once. Does anyone else want a Red Bull? A nice cool one will go well with today's Free App of the Day -- Breakdance Champion Red Bull BC One!

Pop question, hotshot: do you have what it takes to dominate the B-Boy scene? Here's a short list. You will need skillz. You will need a beat. And you will need an iOS device. That's because you don't have to actually grind the skin off your head trying to attempt something like this in real life -- you have this great game instead!

Battle against the best of the best, throw down the coolest moves and win the respect of the crowd. Forget about gravity, let your body pulsate to the beat and take the lead with motion-captured moves from Roxrite, Lilou, Cico, Hong 10, Taisuke, Pelezino and Ronnie. Make the most spectacular moves using the special drag & hold feature on four rhythm channels and take it to the limit!

Download a copy of Breakdance Champion Red Bull BC One today for your iPhone and iPad!

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