How could we possibly make a list of the 10 Best Saint’s Row IV Cheats when the whole game plays like something that has already been hacked to bits? Well, of course there are a plethora of little codes and tips to make your time with Saints Row IV even more silly. After using some of these, those aliens will wish that they left Earth alone. This is our list of the 10 Best Saints Row IV Cheats.

  • 10

    Secret Salem Broomstick Vehicle

    Ever wish that your character could be a bit more witchy? We’ll you’re in luck! If you need a bit of wood to fly around on, just head to the very top of Zin Tower. Up there, you’ll find the Salem Broomstick that will allow you to blaze around the skies with ease. It’s a holdover from an old Sants Row: The Third DLC pack and we’re glad to see it back and on our list of the 10 Best Saint’s Row 4 Cheats.

  • 9

    Mass Effect 3 Easter Eggs

    This one is less of a cheat and more of a little Easter egg for you to notice. The romances in Saints Row 4 are no nonsense and get right down to business, even with a robot. This is a total poke at Mass Effect 3. If that wasn’t enough, you should listen to the laser sound effects during the Zin attack at the White House. Sounds like a Reaper to me!

  • 8

    The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy Easter Egg

    Who says that video games aren’t literary and smart? The “Don’t Panic” achievement is a reference to The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. When the world is blown up by Zinyak, the achievement is unlocked. Something similar happens in the book when the Earth is destroyed to make way for a new superhighway. Clever.

  • 7

    Clear Notoriety - goodygoody

    Sometimes being famous can be a pain in the butt. If you pop in this little code though, you’ll be as common as every other pedestrian in the city. Only, you’ll have superpowers. This one clears up your notoriety so you’ll be able to move about the city much more easily.
  • 6

    Infinite Sprint - runfast

    Once you get some of the superpowers, vehicles pretty much lose all transportation purpose. It is much easier to super sprint and leap to your destination rather than drive a crummy old car. The only thing holding you back is your sprint meter. Have no fear because this cheat lets you run forever without breaking a sweat or needing a breath.

  • 5

    Spawn Alien Hover Tank - givehovertank

    Tanks. Of course you want one, but how to get one? Type in this little cheat code to treat yourself to an Alien Hover Tank. It is useful for all sorts of things. Just make sure that those sorts of things are things that need to be blown up. You can tank us later for including this on our list of the 10 Best Saint’s Row 4 Cheats.

  • 4

    Spawn XOR (alien hoverbike) - givetrouble

    Tired of sprinting, leaping, and gliding everywhere like a neon superman? Type in this code to snag yourself an XOR which will let you cruise this alien city in style.

  • 3

    Evil Cars - evilcars

    If you’ve had enough of the usual sort of enemy, you can activate the Evil Cars cheat and have some fun. It essentially turns every car’s GPS on you and gives them a thirst for something squishy under their tires. Every vehicle you see will rocket at you like a homing missile. How long can you last?

  • 2

    Heaven Bound (corpses rise into the air) - fryhole

    Fancy yourself a saver of souls? Well, you can watch the lucky many you’ve mowed down with your bad driving or poor aim as they float upwards to the pearly gates. Activating this cheat makes all of the corpses float way up into the sky.

  • 1

    Pimps and Hos (pimps and prostitutes pedestrians) - hohoho

    Although this cheat has a Christmas-y code, don’t mistake it for wholesome. Typing it in turns all the pedestrians into pimps and prostitutes. If anything, it will liven up this already absurd city and provide you with even more silly fun. Pimpin' ain't easy, but it's easy enough to make its way to the top of our 10 Best Saint’s Row 4 Cheats list.