Since the fourth installment of the absurd Saints Row series has finally blasted off (read our review here), gamers have been diving back into Saints Row the Third for some ridiculous thrills. Don’t worry people, we’ve got you covered with the 10 Best Saints Row The Third Cheats and tips to make your experience in Steelport all the more magical. In a game this outrageous, just imagine how insane the cheats are. In the menu screen, there's an option to enter cheats on their cell phone like interface. We've got the codes written below for you. Hope you enjoy our list of the 10 Best Saints Row the Third Cheats, president elect!

  • 10

    Golden Gun (one-hit kills) - goldengun

    Sometimes you can’t be bothered to waste more than one bullet on a baddie. That lead gets expensive and you’ve got better things to buy, like a new outfit with a purple top hat and thong. Have no fear, because this James Bond inspired cheat will let you take down just about any enemy with just a single bullet. Sean Connery would be proud of this Saints Row the Third cheat.
  • 9

    Infinite sprint - runfast

    It can be so tedious when your character runs out of breath. Having them sit panting by the side of the road while there is mayhem to be wrought. No worries, this little cheat code allows you to enjoy running indefinitely without losing any oxygen. If only it worked in real life, we might be a little bit fitter!

  • 8

    Add police notoriety - pissoffpigs

    What is the fun of an open world crime game without the cops on your tail? Pop this little code in to piss of those pesky coppers. You’ll be able to lead them on a high speed chase, get into a shootout, or simply input one of our other codes and blow them to bits. It's all in the thrill of the chase.

  • 7

    Bloody Mess (everyone killed explodes into blood) - notrated

    Just when you thought Saints Row the Third couldn't get any more ridiculous, you get people who’s souls burst forth from their bodies in a shower of crimson. That’s right, everyone that is killed in the game explodes into a shower of tiny bits and pieces after you put in this code. It is particularly funny when you use the weaponless take downs on random pedestrians.

  • 6

    Drunk (drunk pedestrians) - dui

    Pop this little code in and you’ll be treated to an array of decidedly unsober pedestrians. Hey, is that guy like, purple colored and wearing a speedo while beating people to death with a giant dildo bat? Dude, I’ve had way too much to drink.

  • 5

    Zombies (zombie pedestrians) - brains

    Of course there had to be an option to turn everyone into the walking dead. Even though it isn’t as funny as having the zombie voice on your character, it is still quite entertaining to see the millions of brainless pedestrians looking for a meal like demented scarecrows from the Wizard of Oz.

  • 4

    Invincibility - whatitmeanstome

    In any game, invincibility is always your friend. Saints Row The Third is no exception. With this cheat engaged, you need to input it 10 to 20 times. Until you reach level 50, you can breeze through the game or create an absurd amount of destruction without receiving a scratch. Hey, who wouldn’t want to be immortal after all?

  • 3

    Getting cars to move out of the way

    This one is less of a cheat than a useful little trick if youve got places to go and drivers on the roads are not accomodating your inflated ego as a video game protagonist. Snag one of those cop cars that they’re not using and pop on those sirens. Everyone will make way for the leader of the Saints and make driving around all the easier. Easier except that the cop you flung out of his car might be hot on your tail. But that is just the details, don’t sweat it.

  • 2

    Dead Space reference

    Saints Row games are always full of references, but this one is a bit more chilling. If you have a look at the missing ship list on the freigher in Camano Place, you’ll notice that the “USG Ishimura” has gone missing. Maybe all video game worlds are connected after all!

  • 1

    Repair car - repaircar

    Run from the cops only to have your care get beat up and broken? Have no fear, if you pop in this little code, your ride will be restored to its former beauty and glory. No matter how many times you ram pedestrians, streetlamps, and walls, your car will always go right back to normal. Best part is that your insurance won’t go up! Hope you enjoyed our list of the 10 Best Saints Row the Third Cheats.