Deep Silver is putting its revamped classic 1956 Ford F-100 pickup up from Saints Row: The Third for auction on eBay to support Wings of Life.

The Genki Mobile is "a full-blown, fully customized replica of the famous Genki Mobile from the worldwide video game hit, Saints Row the Third" and it's now up for auction on eBay following Deep Silver's decision to donate the sale's proceeds to Wings for Life. The bidding started at $7,500 and will go on until Dec. 13. The truck features "a customized fiberglass Genki head on the front, completely restored faux-leather interior with an original dashboard and added retro gauges" as well as an awesome T-shirt cannon... because everyone needs a good T-shirt cannon on the back of their truck. It's completely street legal and has only been lightly used as a promotional vehicle.

Wings for Life is a nonprofit spinal cord research foundation that was founded by Heinz Kinigadner and Dietrich Mateschitz. Kinigadner is a two-time motocross world champion and Mateschitz is the founder of Red Bull. The foundation "finances cutting edge research and clinical trials around the globe in order to find a cure for paraplegia."

So, if you're a big fan of Professor Genki and his sadistic ways and want to put your money to a good cause, you can head over to the eBay page to bid on this custom-made truck.