Hard times are starting to hit Yager after being removed from Dead Island 2's development.

GamesIndustry reports that Yager Development sub-division Yager Productions GMBH recently filed for insolvency after the studio was removed from the development of Dead Island 2. Deep Silver dropped Yager from the game's development two weeks ago and has yet to announce a successor to the project. Yager spent three years working on the project. Yager Productions GMBH might be approaching the red, but company CEO Timo Ullmann claims that the rest of the company should be unaffected and that job security is still in place.

"As single-purpose company, Yager Productions GmbH was assigned to the development of the Deep Silver title Dead Island 2," said Ullmann. "The insolvency filing is a direct result from the early termination of the project and helps protecting our staff. In the course of the proceedings, we gain time to sort out the best options for reorganizing this entity."

While Yager Productions GMBH hasn't become bankrupt yet, filing for insolvency shows that its debts are exceeding its current income, but hopefully this helps hold it over until the studio gets a new project lined up. Deep Silver dropped Yager from Dead Island 2 after three years of working on it. While there isn't any clear cut reason why, it is likely because Deep Silver wasn't content with the content developed so far or because Yager was taking too long. Nevertheless, I hope they can bounce back from this predicament.

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