If you're into the whole super-hungry-zombies-want-to-eat-your-brains-out game theme that's been popular lately, then you're going to love Escape Dead Island.

This new action-packed trailer for the survival-mystery game really showcases just how much protagonist Cliff Calo wants to tell his story. He's willing to kill any zombie that steps in his path just to make sure that he can escape the island with an explanation of what happened there. However, it seems like there's a little more going on than even Cliff knows.

Cliff will have an option of both melee and ranged weapons to fight off the zombies that are intent on eating whatever part of him they can get a hold on. However, this trailer makes it pretty clear that the zombies aren't the only obstacle standing between Cliff and his escape from the island; it almost seems as though Cliff himself is losing his mind.

Will Cliff be able to hold it together long enough to fight off the zombies and let the world know what really caused the virus on Dead Island? Find out on Nov. 18, 2014 when the game officially launches.

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