A new trailer for the stealth-zombie action game Escape Dead Island has shambled its way to the interwebs, bringing with it a few surprising twists and a fresh release date.

The trailer shows off some of the new cel-shaded visuals of this new Dead Island experience, the first of many departures from the original format. Our hero, Cliff Calo, must report the zombie outbreak to the world using stealth instead of raw power, though the trailer does show him getting his hands dirty with a giant melee weapon. Most surprising is the appearance of Xian Mei, the Asian assassin from the original Dead Island game, showing that it may not all be strange faces as we try to escape the island.

Best of all, we now know that Nov.18 is the day that we take on this adventure, which should serve as the perfect appetizer for Dead Island 2 due in the Spring of 2015. After the original Dead Island's promising gameplay, we're willing to give the franchise the benefit of the doubt even after the disappointing Dead Island Riptide, Perhaps this new perspective will make the franchise feel fresh again.

Escape Dead Island will launch Nov. 18 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

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