Deep Silver has announced that All Points Bulletin: Reloaded will be taking its crime-fueled craziness to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Along with Reloaded Games and The Workshop Entertainment, Deep Silver will be bringing the game to the current-gen consoles in Spring 2015. It will be completely free to play and free to download upon release.

In APB: Reloaded, players can go on urban adventures in the city of San Paro, playing as a member of the Enforcers or the Criminals. Enforcers help keep the "peace" by doling out vigilante-styled justice while the Criminals are... well, they're criminals.

Klemens Kundratitz, CEO of Deep Silver/Koch Media GmbH, said, ""APB Reloaded has become a phenomenon on the PC with a passionate and faithful community. We are thrilled to help Reloaded Games and The Workshop bring this world to life on the new generation consoles."

With over 5 million players on PC, it's not too difficult to expect a sizable audience from the console crowd. On top of being free to play, items can be earned for absolutely free, though the option to buy gear, items, vehicles and customization options will still exist. Though it's free to play, Xbox One players will still need to have an Xbox Live Gold membership to play.