Open-world games have always been about providing players with unprecedented levels of freedom. Freedom to explore, freedom to pursue their favorite activities, and freedom to wreck damn near everything. Both Saint's Row the Third and Just Cause 2 really embrace that freedom to wreck stuff, encouraging the player to smash, bash, and crash any and everything they want. Saint's Row the Third tend to lean towards more zany action, while Just Cause 2 plays more like a testosterone-infused '90s action movie. Because they're both crazy chaos engines, we decided to pit these two explosion-filled titles against each other to see which is the supreme mischief-maker.

Best explosions: Just Cause 2


Best pseudo-sorta-Japanese game show host: Saint's Row the Third


Most stuff to do: Just Cause 2. The Saint's Row games have a lot of content to them, but not nearly as much as Just Cause 2's myriad races and side missions, its collectible items, and its many objects begging to be blown up.


Best characters: Tie. Scorpio, the Sloth Demon, and the rest of the Panau crew are pretty damn great characters, but so are the over-the-top madmen and madwomen of Saint's Row.


Most badass acrobatics: Saint's Row the Third.


Greatest vehicular mayhem: Just Cause 2. It's hard to top the kind of chaos you can incite when you combine Scorpio's magic grappling hook with fast-moving traffic.


Winner: IT'S A DRAW! They're both equally awesome!

That's right, folks, we've got a tie here. Both Just Cause 2 and Saint's Row the Third are just too much freaking fun for either to be the clear winner. Both games offer their own unique brand of open-world chaos. Players hungry for explosions, a beautiful tropical setting, and one amazing grappling hook should look into Just Cause 2. Those who want their open-world experience to be a bit more wacky should check into Saint's Row the Third. Honestly though, everyone should just play both games, because they're friggin' amazing.