Avalanche Games' open world, action-adventure series could be parachuting in for its third entry.

According to CVG, Square Enix has recently registered an Internet domain with the name "Just Cause 3" attached to it. Superannuation, an online sleuth who has successfully unveiled many upcoming games prior to their formal announcements, has recently posted the following:

Less than 24 hours after Superannuation's findings were made public, Avalanche Studios' founder, Christofer Sundberg made the following Tweet:

Just five months ago, Avalanche Studios' development team released a video filmed in Costa Rica, in which they traveled to a local jungle to research tropical water effects, local flora, wildlife and various other exotic environments for future games they plan on developing. Given that Just Cause 2 was set in the fictional, tropical island of Panau, Costa Rica has a strong likeness from which Avalanche can gain pivotal, realistic research towards Just Cause 3 (if they choose to remain with the series' exotic South American theme).

Superannuation also revealed that Christofer Sundberg's LinkedIn profile publicly showed that Avalanche Studios was working on two unannounced, next-gen games. One of these games eventually turned out to be the new Mad Max title. These findings make it even more likely that we will be parachuting into a paramilitary camp with guns blazing on next-gen consoles in the near future.