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Just Cause 3 Review
Just Cause 3 is at it's best when you're freewheeling out in the open world, enjoying the chaos you can create with the vast array of explosives among the destructible environments. There are some truly awesome moments you can create when you're allowed to just enjoy the island and all the opportunities for crazy, over the top fun it presents. However, you've got to spend a lot of time doing repetitive and boring missions to be able to get the most out of these moments, and that brings the experience down. While Just Cause 3 offers more of the same action blockbuster excitement of its predecessors, it also doesn't do enough new to make it stand out from its contemporaries.
Mad Max Review
The wasteland is a dangerous place, filled to the brim with psychotic warmongers and vehicular violence on every road. Luckily our hero is well-suited for such a world, and Mad Max does a pretty good job of making the player feel as powerful as the titular hero throughout the adventure. There’s one enemy that even Max can’t overcome however, and it defines the entire Mad Max experience: repetition.
E3 2015: Mad Max Preview
I'll tell you what; you haven't lived until you've harpooned a War Boy from his car, and flung him across the wastelands at hundreds of miles per hour. You just haven't. It's science. I would know, as I spent the better part of my time with Avalanche Studios' Mad Max testing out that very experiment. It's all in the initial plunge; the one that sticks right in the War Boy's chest. You nail that shot, and you can feel the life force exiting the body almost as fast as it flings past Max's car.

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