Xbox's Games With Gold program will be offering three solid titles throughout June, including Massive Chalice, Just Cause 2 and Thief. Pool Nation FX is back... again.

The Xbox Wire has revealed three new games that are going to be free-to-download throughout the month of June for those with an Xbox Live Gold membership. Xbox One users should know that Pool Nation FX returns for the third month in a row. Alongside Pool Nation is Massive Chalice, Double Fine Productions' tactical strategy game. You play the Immortal Ruler and must lead your forces against the Cadence in an epic and long war. We should note that we're getting mighty tired of having Pool Nation on the list — it's like it's just there as a placeholder so Microsoft can say they're offering two free Xbox One games every month.

From June 1-15, Xbox 360 owners with an Xbox Live Gold subscription can download Just Cause 2. Be ready for acrobatic insanity as you play Rico Rodriguez and use your grappling hook, parachute and an arsenal of weapons to kill your old friend and mentor. Just Cause 2 has some impressive action sequences, including a part where you have to skydive and defuse a cruise missile in mid-flight. From June 16-30, Xbox 360 owners can download Thief, the first-person stealth game. You play as Garrett, who is a (spoilers) thief. You must sneak around, score loot that's near-impossible to get and use your agility to your advantage — just make sure you don't get caught.

We're going to be thoroughly disappointed if Pool Nation returns again next month, Microsoft.