Gaming apparel company Insert Coin has come up with a new line of clothing inspired by the Saints Row series.

The Saints Row collection brings well-known imagery from Volition’s open-world series to your closet with a set of high-quality activewear. In stark contrast to the games' bawdy, overblown, often juvenile content, the clothes are refreshingly tasteful. the Two T-shirts are now available, featuring the logos of the Saints Flow energy drink and Professor Genki’s Super Ethical Reality Climax TV show, as well as Third Street Saints hoodie in purple featuring a classy rendition of the gang’s Fleur De Lis logo, The pullover hoodie is emblazoned with the name of the home city of the third and fourth games, Steelport.

Up for pre-order now are a pair of black women’s leggings featuring a repeating pattern of Professor Genki’s smiling face, a purple and white varsity jacket features the Saints logo and a monogram bearing the gang’s name, and a Johnny Gat-inspired gray polo with the beloved gangsters last name across the right sleeve.

As their name suggests, Insert Coin has previously made clothing and accessories for other games, including such varied series as Megaman, Little Big Planet, Oddworld, Watch Dogs and Space Channel 5. The site is loaded with cool geek-wear, and the Jet Set Radio ring t-shirts are especially fetching, but all merchandise is priced in British Pounds, so American consumers may find the roughly $38 t-shirts and $94 varsity jacket a bit steep.