Today's featured cosplay is Anya Stroud, because we just love a strong woman in uniform!

She's one of our favorite COGs and she gets our hearts in gear. Here's Zadra, also known as Michelle, who's rocking Anya's armor. It's got all of the lights and trappings that draw us in and keep us enthralled. Even when she's got the blood of the Locusts splattered all over her, she keeps up this fiercely-alluring demeanor that we just can't resist.

Michelle's wielding a lancer, which is the unholy lovechild between a rifle and a chainsaw, so we're inclined to say, "Hail to the queen, baby!" Hah, look at us with the Ashley Williams reference. We love how Michelle looks like she can stomp bugs while still being able to stomp on hearts.

If you'd like to see more of her cosplay work, check out her Facebook and deviantART pages! She's got some fine examples of Metroid and Street Fighter suits, so it's nice to see the representation of different genres!

Ron Gejon/Zadra
Ron Gejon
Ron Gejon/Zadra