PC indie hit Antichamber has gone silver so to speak, as sales for the puzzling first-person shooter have topped 100,000 downloads on Steam.

As one of the Best Games of 2013 (So Far), it wasn't surprising to learn Antichamber had performed so well since arriving in February. Still, developer Alexander Bruce was pleasantly surprised. "It only recently hit 100K, but I knew how it was going, because in the first week alone, it did pretty phenomenal," Bruce told Polygon in an interview. "I think even the first 24 hours blew some people's expectations out of the water for what this game was going to sell, which is why I was always so cautious of setting any sales expectations for it."

Bruce elaborated, adding after spending so much time on the game (Antichamber took three years to produce), he didn't want his expectations to be too high. "One of the reasons is, I've been burned by expectations before," Bruce said. "I did that to myself with all of the competitions I was entering in. Several times, I entered competitions, I had all my hopes and dreams pinned on them, I thought it was a sure shot, and then I missed them. And that... sucked. And as I went through later competitions, I made sure I didn't do that. I said back in 2010: Sales are just another competition to me. And if I can win all these other ones, I'm testing the waters for how it sells."

It certainly looks like Antichamber is off to a good start, and hopefully Bruce's success can continue. Have you played Antichamber yet? Now that you know how popular and acclaimed it is, will you give it a shot?