Amazon Game Studios' new mobile titles will not only be heading to the company's Fire devices, but the iOS format as well.

According to Polygon, Amazon Game Studios will be bringing its formally Fire Phone- and Tablet-exclusive titles over to the iOS format to help broaden their sales. Amazon has been rallying all sorts of development studios from the console gaming world to help make mobile, tablet and set-top games for it. While Amazon has remained rather tight-lipped about what titles it has in the works, we have learned that a few of these games will not only be heading to Fire devices, but iOS ones as well. This is likely due to the Fire Phone's extremely underwhelming sales (why buy a phone from Amazon when you can get one from Samsung, Apple, Microsoft, etc.). Since the Fire Phone flopped and Amazon invested so much into its Game Studios, the company is likely seeking to regain as much money as it can by opening its doors to iOS devices. In all honesty, they might as well should do the same for all Android devices.

In terms of what's coming, Lost Within is a survival horror, first-person adventure hybrid that takes place in an abandoned asylum. Of course, there's a serial killer on the loose that you've gotta stop while trying to find a boy lost in this American Horror Story-esque labyrinth. Til Morning's Light is another creepy-ish game that focuses on puzzles as your teenage protagonist must escape a haunted mansion. To-Fu Fury sounds a lot like Super Meat Boy's bean curd-filled expansion. There are likely more games coming, but we'll just have to wait and see what they are.

Unfortunately, there has been no word as to when we should expect these titles to hit Apple's App Store.