Amazon Game Studios is revealing what sort of smartphone, tablet and Amazon Fire titles it has in the works, catering to all kinds of gamers.

The growing teams at Amazon Game Studios have announced some new games it has in the works for your iOS, Android and Fire devices. Many of these games will be playable and demoed at PAX East this weekend. A few of them can be already found on your Fire device, if you have one, while the rest should be hitting the App Store soon. The first title Amazon Game Studios wanted to showcase is Lost Within (its trailer is featured above). This survival horror game lets you choose between sneaking or fighting your way through a horrific and haunted asylum.

Til Morning's Light is a character and story-driven, action-adventure game that is another haunted house story. You play as Erica, who must navigate a possessed mansion that is filled with phantasms and spirits by beating monsters and exploring the house's labyrinths. has released an audio prequel for the game, called The Private Blog of Erica Page, that you can listen to for free.

Tales from Deep Space is a puzzle-platformer hybrid where you must guide two heroes in a comedic mis-adventure. Tales features two-player, localized co-op between multiple devices. It tells the story of a traveling salesman, E, and his robotic luggage drone, CASI, who must escape a strange space station, called Big Moon (we're not making this up). comiXology has a digital comic about Tales you can download for free as well.

The last of these new titles is the strangest one, To-Fu Fury. Fury is another puzzle-platformer where you must embrace being a bean-curd and save Fortune Kitty. Its main star, To-Fu lives up to his name as he reminds us very much of Super Tofu Boy. You've got to navigate him through dojos and temples and fight off ninjas and deathtraps to save Fortune Kitty.